PT.Sumber Berlian Kimia supply goods in accordance with customer orders from their original locations to customers in a safe, efficient, and secure. We collaborate with customers from all over the archipelago and abroad through a courier service such TIKI, DAKOTA, PT.Mex Aerospace Diamond, Herona Express, JNE, Pos Indonesia, etc .
+ Customers can specify delivery services.
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Sumber Berlian Kimia is led by a CEO since 2014. We continue to develop the quality of products we distribute to the fullest until now. We tried to support directly to the customer in a professional manner. We try to help in both the technical as well as formulation for manufacturers in the availability of chemical raw materials.
Sumber Berlian Kimia distributes chemicals raw material for manufacturers of dietary supplements, personal care, essential oils, household care, and to local and international industry. We strive to be the best in providing services for the people of Indonesia and abroad through the cooperation of exports and imports in the future. We try to provide support, technical and formulations with official documents according to the rules set by the government of Indonesia.
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