Calcium Stearate

Calcium Stearate is a vegetable based product that is food grade, and vegetarian friendly. It can be used for an excipient, mold release agent, source of calcium, tableting agent. This product can come in powder and granular form, in either bags or supersacks. Calcium Stearate has a free fatty acid percent of 1.0 maximum, a moisture percent of 3.0 maximum, and a melting point of 148 – 160°C.
Calcium stearate is a metal salt produced by the reaction of calcium alkaline saponification and stearic acid. It has several applications in different production processes vary from lubricants to food products. Chemicals are often added to it to increase or decrease its properties and then applied depending on the final product. Calcium stearate is available in liquid form with a dispersion of 50 % or in the form of dry powder. Calcium Stearate is commonly used in food and medical drugs in the form of a stabilizer or emulsifier depending on the product required and forms needed to take.
Calcium stearate, composed mainly of calcium stearate and palmitate, palm fatty acid distillate is used to provide lubrication properties or fluidity in powder products, preventing them from consolidating. It also facilitates the emulsification and make preparation more viscous. In particular, calcium stearate results in a very favorable lubrication at low doses when compared to conventional products such as sucrose fatty acid ester.This product is based on a custom technology that has been cultivated as a result of extensive experience in manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical and industrial calcium stearate.
Calcium Stearate is an insoluble salt of calcium, stearic acid and palmatic acid. In hard water, when soap of calcium ions is mixed, the scum that is formed is calcium stearate. Calcium stearate is non-toxic and has many applications as stabilizer and lubricant. Besides water, it is insoluble in water, ether, chloroform, acetone, cold alcohol as well. However, it is slightly soluble when dissolved in hot alcohol, hot vegetable and mineral oil. It shows good solublity in hot pyridine.
Applications in the personal care and pharmaceutical industry include tablet mold release, anti-tack agent, and gelling agent. Calcium stearate is a component in some types of defoamers. Used as a stabilizing agent in the forming of jawbreakers.
The application of calcium stearate is sosmetic and toiletries applications as a water-in-oil emulsifier, flow aid in dry powders and to impart water repellence; anti-caking agent in dry powder mixes or as a mold release for tableting food and pharmaceuticals. Calcium stearate is used as a flow agent in powders including some foods (such as Smarties), a surface conditioner in hard candies such as Sprees, a waterproofing agent for fabrics, a lubricant in pencils and crayons.
The concrete industry uses calcium stearate for efflorescence control of cementitious products used in the production of concrete masonry units i.e. paver and block, as well as waterproofing. In paper production, calcium stearate is used as a lubricant to provide good gloss, preventing dusting and fold cracking in paper and paperboard making. In plastics, it can act as an acid scavenger or neutralizer at concentrations up to 1000ppm, a lubricant and a release agent. It may be used in plastic colorant concentrates to improve pigment wetting. In rigid PVC, it can accelerate fusion, improve flow, and reduce die swell.
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