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Sodium Bicarbonat

Sodium bicarbonate is a chemical compound with the formula NaHCO3. In penyebutannya often shortened to bicnat. These compounds include salt groups and has been used since long.
Most of us know that baking soda can be used for more than just making home-made cakes and other dough.
Baking soda is a perfect substitute for a lot of personal care, cleaning and deodorizing products. Advantages of baking soda is not expensive, free of toxic chemicals, versatile and effective.
Baking soda helps regulate pH - keep substances that are not too acidic or alkaline. If the baking soda in contact with acid or alkaline materials, natural effect will neutralize the pH. In addition, baking soda has the ability to slow further changes in pH balance, which is known as buffering.
Ability to neutralize and mem-buffering makes baking soda can do many things such as the acid neutralizes odors (such as on the refrigerator) also maintains a neutral pH (as in your wash water, which helps increase the power of your detergent). It is a simple reaction, but it has a profound effect on a number of tasks of cleaning and deodorizing.
These compounds are also known as baking soda ( baking soda ), sodium bicarbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, and others. This compound is a crystal that is often present in powder form. Sodium bicarbonate is soluble in water. These compounds are used in bread or pastry because it reacts with other substances to form carbon dioxide gas, which causes the bread " expands".
This compound is also used as an antacid drugs ( of ulcer disease or gastric ulcer ). Because it is an alkaloid ( alkaline ), this compound is also used as an acid neutralizing drugs for patients with renal tubular acidosis ( ATR ) or Rhenal tubular acidosis ( RTA ). In addition, sodium bicarbonate can also be used to lower uric acid levels.

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