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MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamat)

Pure MSG itself does not have a good taste if not combined with appropriate savory smell. As the giver of flavor and just the right amount, MSG has the ability to strengthen the active compounds of other flavors, balance, and enhance the overall sense on certain dishes. MSG mixed well with meat, fish, poultry, various vegetables, sauces, soups and marinades, as well as improving the general preferences would be certain foods like beef consommé (typical French beef broth). But like other basic flavorings except sucrose, MSG adds piquancy just the right amount. MSG overload will quickly ruin the taste of food. Although these levels vary in different types of food, in clear soups, value piquancy quickly descended on the levels of more than 1 g of MSG per 100 ml. Moreover, there is an interaction between MSG with salt (sodium chloride) and other umami ingredients such as nucleotides. Everything should be in optimum levels to produce maximum delicacy. With these properties, MSG can be used to reduce the intake of salt (sodium), which contributed to the onset of hypertension, heart disease, and stroke. A taste of low-salt foods will be better with the addition of MSG, even with a reduction of up to 30% salt. Sodium content (in percent by mass) in the MSG is approximately three times lower (12%) than in sodium chloride (39%). Other glutamate salts have been used in a low-salt soups, but with delicacy level lower than MSG.

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